Multimedia Content Delivery

I study Content Delivery, especially static video contents over large scale Content Delivery Networks. The originality of my approach resides on the deployment schemes:

  • CDNs are implemented and deployed as Virtual Network Functions
  • CDNs are deployed within the ISP Network
  • I implemented and simulated several Collaboration Schemes to create a win-win ecosystem that benefits Content Providers, Internet Service Providers and Content Delivery Networks while improving End-Users' Quality of Experience

On top of proposing a Model, I formalized the Virtual CDN allocation problem and proposed several Heuristics to tackle both Service Chain creation and Service Embedding with both online and offline optimization processes.

published in: IEEE Multimedia, IEEE ICC2017


I studied both Economic and Legal aspects of content delivery and related technologies.

  •     I study the distribution of added value along the Content Delivery value chain, and propose disruptive models that fairly balance the revenue between every stakeholders. I proposed a competition-oriented architecture that allows the end-user to express its high-level needs and implements hist Content Streaming Sessions through an on-line brokering mechanism.
  •     I'm interested in the impacts on net-neutrality of new content distribution models
  •     I teamed-up with law coauthors to propose a trust and sincerity improvement mechanism for blockchain and smart contracts.

published in: IEEE GLOBECOM2016, Ateliers Convergeance droit et numérique, BigBlockChain Theory 2017


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Current Affiliations

Centre de Recherche en Informatique  Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne Société informatique de France  H2020 Cyber security 4.0: protecting the Industrial Internet of Things (C4IoT)  ANR THEME - Transition vers l'Hybridation En MiagE Chaire Pluralisme Culturel et Éthique du Numérique<br />


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