PhD Timelapse

Now that my PhD is published, here's what happend behind the scene. This time lapse shows all the modifications to the manuscript that happend during its writing and editing.

You can see the pages being written between July and August and the cumbersome edition phase in September. The final touch for the archival version happens in December.

Is telco-cloud a monopoly haze?

The basics of deploying a service in a Telco Cloud, Network Function as-a-Service (NFaaS), are the same as traditional IT Clouds (Platform as-a-Service, or Infrastructure as-a-Service). The customer deploys and runs key elements of its business in a third party environment, technical aspects of the supplier infrastructure are obscured through dedicated APIs and forrmal contracts exists between parties that garanty a certain level of quality, and occasional penalties if agreements are breached.

However fundamental differences need to be addressed to design a NFaaS platform. First of all, the suppliers (ISP) are in a monopoly situation: as a matter of fact end-users usually have only one internet provider. For this reason, third party actor using their cloud cannot contract with an alternative company to host the vCDN service toward a given end-user if prices or quality are not up to their expectations. Moreover, just like more traditional carrier grade systems like voice, a "five nines" availability is required to keep the service on par with traditional IPTV services. Finally regulatory issues regarding network neutrality need to be addressed if the ISP business expands to bare connectivity provider to enhanced cloud provider.

data for forecasting traffic demand for content providers

In our forthcoming paper, we try to model connectivity demand of content providers, by estimating the traffic for "Content" ASes.

As this data is not usually disclosed, we hacked our way around (by grabbing public statistics in json or processing public graphs) from the IXP websites and we coupled extracts from API to know what was the bandwidth allocated to Content Providers and CDN (Akamai, Netflix, Facebook).

Demoing the Girafe tool at Temu 2016 Conference in Crete

girafe logo

Girafe (Graphical Interface for Representing Automatic Function Embedding) is the web-based graphical tool used to perform simulation of Service Function Chain embedding over an ISP Topology to demonstrate the vCDN concept.

We will be demoing the Girafe Tool at the Temu 2016 conference. Checkout the girafe website to play with it.

Sémi-doc on in the LaBRI about Service Chain Modeling and Embedding for NFV-based Content Delivery

I'll be talking in the LaBRI main room for the lab's SEMIDOC about Service Chain Modelling for vCDN, a submitted papers that aims at instantiating a virtual Content Delivery Network (vCDN) in the operator network.

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