[BOA 3/6] Competition loci in Content delivery

In this third post, I continue working on the same article as before, and even before. This time, I read an article [1] that relates to Economy and Networks and that study how future architecture should be designed to produce competition among service providers. This paper also advocates that each competition loci should not be considered in silo, but taking into account the effect they have on other loci instead. [1] Chuang, John. "Loci of competition for future internet architectures." IEEE Communications Magazine 49.7 (2011): 38-43.

[BOA 1/6] : The Birth of an article

In this serie of posts, I'll document how we submitted and article to a scientific magazine, from the inception to the submission. I think It could help another fresh PhD student or people that are not involved in writting scientific articles how we did. Of course, it is not supposed to be a blue print on writting an article, it's just a simple testimony to give perspective on what went right and what went wrong in the process.


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