[BOA 1/6] : The Birth of an article

In this serie of posts, I'll document how we submitted and article to a scientific magazine, from the inception to the submission. I think It could help another fresh PhD student or people that are not involved in writting scientific articles how we did. Of course, it is not supposed to be a blue print on writting an article, it's just a simple testimony to give perspective on what went right and what went wrong in the process.

Service Chain Modeling and Embedding for NFV-based Content Delivery

Herbaut, N., D. Négru, D. Dietrich, and P. Papadimitriou, "Service Chain Modeling and Embedding for NFV-based Content Delivery", IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 05/2017.

Companion repository and Docker image can be found on github: http://github.com/nherbaut/vCDN/


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