Showcasing virtual Home Gateway + virtual CDN at MWC

For the Mobile World Congress 2016, we were on Italtel's Booth showcasing the integration of the virtual Home Gateway (VHG) and virtual Content Delivery Network (vCDN).
By integrating with Italtel VTU (virtual Transcoding Unit) we can benefit from hardware acceleration in the cloud to transcode the videos during ingestion phase on the vCDN.


[T-NOVA] Network Functions Implementation and Testing

I contributed to the T-NOVA deliverable "D5.31 - Network Function Implementation and testing".

It describes the details of the implementation of the VNFs developed in the T-NOVA Project. On top of showing how the Virtual Network Function Descriptor (VNFD) is used to describe the functions and install them in the platform, a lot of interesting insights are published on the internals of the VNFs.


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