Virtual Network Functions Deployment between Business Expectations and Technical Challenges: The T-NOVA Approach

Publication Type:

International Peer-reviewed Journal Article


Recent Advances in Communications and Networking Technology , Volume 5, Issue 1 (2016)



This paper belongs to the series of research documents describing the progress in the specification and development of the T-NOVA framework offering a marketplace for virtual network functions. T-NOVA is an international research project co-funded by the European Commission. Although, the idea of having a marketplace enabling buying, composing, and deploying “virtual” services on the fly, is promising, its implementation or prototyping remains far from realization. This is mainly due to the limitations in the existing cloud computing platforms on top of which the services should be built. In this paper, we discuss the T-NOVA approach and in particular some of the Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) that were developed in this context. A special focus is on the design and specification of the VNFs as well as the related technical challenges that were faced when deployed within the marketplace. Some experiments and test results are also provided.