Semantic matchmaking for a data-driver marketplace demo

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extract from our recently published paper in DEEP-BDB-2021, for which we publish a Demo.

A client’s request contains requested asset specifications for data, algorithms and infrastructure on the blockchain system for service composition. Since we aim to build a use case-agnostic system, we must support a wide and dynamic range of application domains. To this end, we rely on an ontology-based resource retrieval and allocation system, which have already been proposed in the literature for cloud services provisioning \cite{ma2011ontology} or dataset \cite{kushiro2013method} discovery.

With a common ontology used to describe both client requirements and providers assets, matchmaking can be done on-chain, through the emission of a specific event targeted at providers that can fulfill client requests or off-chain, through the continuous monitoring of new clients’ requests publicly available on the blockchain. Based on the asset ontology, each provider can analyze the asset specifications published by the client and know if it owns a matching asset, in which case it will take part in the auction phase through asset bids