A Model For Collaborative Blockchain-based Video Delivery Relying On Advanced Network Services Chains

Publication Type:

International Peer-reviewed Journal Article


IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 55, Issue 9 (2017)




The constant rise of Over-The-Top video consumption nowadays challenges the current
Internet architecture. Content Providers wish to deliver high quality video to an ever growing
number of consumers while Connectivity Providers lack return on investments on their network
infrastructure. End-Users contribution to this market is often limited to optimizing data
reception, neglecting the vast spare capacities available through their network connectivity
and customer premise equipment. In this paper, we promote a user-centric approach that
makes this unsuspected pool of resources contributing to the necessary reshaping of the content
delivery ecosystem. We study how blockchain powered smart-contracts and Network Function
Virtualization-based service chaining can be exploited to support such novel collaboration
schemes. Finally, our ndings suggest that the proposed solution can complement existing
technologies by supporting a wide area of business cases while, at the same time, importantly
reducing costs.