Dynamic deployment and optimization of virtual Content Delivery Networks

Publication Type:

International Peer-reviewed Journal Article


IEEE Multimedia, Volume 24, Issue 3 (2017)




Today, Over-the-Top video streaming is gaining a lot of importance and popularity.
In this respect, the Virtual Content Delivery Network (CDN) is perceived as a key enabler to circumvent the technical challenges faced by Connectivity Providers in order to deliver high-quality content over the Internet.
In this paper, we investigate how the two main actors of the video delivery chain, \emph{i.e.,} the CDN operator and the Internet Service Provider (ISP), can leverage on recent advances on network and server virtualization to negotiate Dynamic Service Level Agreements that reduce CDN CAPEX and OPEX, while generating more revenue for the ISP. First, we present a dataset that can be used to simulate dynamic distributed traffic consumption. Second, we discuss the steps required to build and operate a virtual CDN deployed on an ISP's network. Furthermore, we present evaluation results of the proposed solution, based on simple models. Lastly, we elaborate on operational parameters that can be used to further optimize the solution.